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Special Senses | Anatomy of the Eye with Extraocular Muscles

Ninja Nerds, Join us in this video where we show the anatomy of the eye, along with the extraocular eye muscles, through the use of a model 14:29 -Quickly learn how a light ray travels through the various structures of the eye, until it is transmitted through the optic nerve and into the occipital lobe… Read more »

Widal test – Introduction & procedure

Hi everyone, in this video we discuss the Widal test. The Widal test is a serological method to diagnose enteric fever (paratyphoid & typhoid fever) caused by Salmonella paratyphi & typhi. Typical symptoms can be high fever, sweats, headache, stomach pain, and rashes etc. including complications like intestinal haemorrhages and/or perforation. Interested? Find more information… Read more »

Sydenham Chorea

Some diagnosing signs of sydenham chorea.

Reading a chest X-ray